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Monitor tracks where your listings appear in Etsy search results for up to 14 days. This tool allows you to track up to 20 search terms by scanning the first two pages of Etsy search results for any of your listings. Once you have added keywords to the Monitor tool please allow 48 hours for the site to start collecting data.


Use this tool to track which of your listings show up in search results for designated search terms. Add and edit your keywords in the Edit Keywords tab. This can help you better understand how search trends impact your listings.

How to Use

In the Main Menu, select Shop and then Monitor.

You can also access this tool within the Spotted on Etsy tool. Under Available Reports, click Monitor. 

Learn more about Spotted on Etsy here

Here, you can view an interactive line graph. Each line represents one of your listings that has ranked for the keywords you are monitoring over the past 14 days. Use the Search Term dropdown menu to select individual terms or select all terms to view all at once. 

Hover your cursor over any dot on the line graph to view that listing’s thumbnail photo, title, and listing ID number. Below (in bold print), you can view the search term that surfaced that particular listing, the page it appeared on, its rank on that page, and the date it appeared. 

On the right, you can view a report of your listings that appear on the graph. Use the Filter field to view listings that contain a specific word or phrase. Use the small gray arrows at the head of each column to sort results alphabetically or by view count. 

Under Available Reports, click Your Keywords to view all of your keywords that eRank has spotted on Etsy over the past 24 hours that led to your listings. Click Other Keywords to view any other keywords shoppers have used to find your listings over the past 24 hours. Click All Keywords to view both.

Click Edit Keywords to add, edit, or delete monitored search terms on your Superstar Keywords list. We suggest that you monitor important phrases used in your listings and stay away from broad keywords like “necklace,” “slime,” etc, as those are difficult to rank for. Instead, try descriptive phrases such as “sterling silver necklace,” or other phrases used in your titles and tags. Make sure to click Save when you are finished. 

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members. Free members can monitor one keyword and Basic members can monitor up to five keywords. Pro members and Expert members can monitor up to 20 keywords.

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