Get Your Etsy Shop Ready for Father’s Day

With just about a month until Father’s Day on June 19th, it’s important to make sure your shop is ready for the potential uptick in sales. Read on to see a few ideas on how to streamline this and any holiday shopping season.

Review Shipping and Product Supplies

Any holiday has the potential to surprise you with order volume, and for that reason, it’s important to have supplies on hand to prevent any shipping delays. This is a great time to take inventory of all the supplies you use over the course of an order. Do you have enough boxes and other packing materials? are you running low on shipping labels? Do you have materials on hand for custom orders? These can easily slip our minds and come back to bite us when we least expect it. It’s increasingly important to keep on top of now with the many supply chain disruptions.

Prepare Your Inventory

Do you sell products that can be made ahead of time and personalized later? Now is a great time to bolster your inventory to allow you to fulfill orders at a much faster speed. One way to gauge how much inventory you might need is to look at your sales from the previous year. Use that as a template for how many of each product you may want to keep on hand. If you end up with excess inventory after Father’s Day, you can consider yourself ahead for future purchases. IF you sell out, then you can always produce more.

If you sell items that can only be produced after a purchase has been made, then use this as an opportunity to make sure you have an abundance of supplies for your products so you can fulfil orders as they come.

Run a Pre-Holiday Sale

People love a deal. Especially when buying gifts for others. One way to take advantage of the lead-in to a holiday like Father’s Day is to run a sale. Running a sale, with enough time before Father’s Day can help give shoppers the incentive to complete their purchases. Giving them peace of mind that their order will make it in time to gift it to their loved ones.

Research Keyword Trends

One of the best things you can do leading into a holiday is to look at Monthly Trends on eRank. For Father’s Day, you can look at both May and June of 2021 to see what keywords were trending on Etsy at this time last year. The competition for these keywords will likely be high, so they may not be entirely effective in your listings. However, they can give you an idea of what people might be looking for. This research can be a starting point for potentially finding long-tail keywords that fit both your shop’s products and the holiday.

Below is a look at the top 10 trending keywords for the month of June 2021. These provide a look into the search habits of shoppers during that time. It’s a great starting point to start looking for keyword or product ideas. If you are viewing this list on eRank, you can click into each keyword to gain even more insight on that search term.

Have A Happy and Profitable June!

Selling on Etsy is an ongoing experiment, which we think is half the fun. Take advantage of these preparation tips and keyword ideas. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. You may stumble on to something great!

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