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Publication date: June 25, 2024

Reading time: 5 minutes

You are listing your latest offerings in your Etsy shop, writing titles, researching tags, writing descriptions—and then BAM! Your mind goes completely blank! We have all been there, but when that writer’s block sets in and you are working on your Etsy listings, eRank is here ready to help!

eRank’s Listing Helper is ready to help get your creative juices flowing once again. This powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool is designed to enhance your product listing information to improve your listing’s visibility and boost sales. Found in the eRank menu under the LISTING OPTIMIZATION section, the Listing Helper makes creating your Etsy listing a little bit easier.

Key Features of eRank’s Listing Helper

A versatile tool, eRank’s Listing Helper provides Etsy sellers with actionable insights to optimize their listings. Enter a short description of your item and sit back, letting the Listing Helper provide you with options for your title, description, and even keyword tags. It provides you with three options for each of these areas and also includes the keyword stats for each tag suggestion.

Screenshot of the Listing Helper description entry field
Listing Helper Description Entry Field

Before submitting your short description to be analyzed, you have the option to select the results’ language from English, French, Turkish, and Ukraine (current offerings as of the writing of this article). In addition, advanced selection options allow you to specify the character length of the titles, descriptions, and tags and whether to include additional sections in the descriptions as well as filtering tags by low competition and/or high demand.

Screenshot of the Listing Helper's Advanced Options
Listing Helper Advanced Options

Title Optimization

Crafting the perfect title is crucial for catching the attention of buyers. The Listing Helper provides guidance on how to create compelling titles that grab attention. If you like any of the suggestions, click COPY TITLE to copy and paste the title into your listing. However, most likely, the suggested titles will need to be edited in order to (1) reflect your own unique voice and (2) ensure that the beginning of your title reflects what the product is. Remember that on most search results as well as on the Etsy search page, only the first five or six words of your title are visible so make them count!

If you do not like any of the three title suggestions, update your description and the Listing Helper provides you with three more options to review. Keep in mind, though, that while this tool is available for every plan level of eRank, each level has different limits for the use of the Listing Helper daily. Refer to the eRank plans for more information about the tool limits for your specific plan level.

Description Copy

A well-written description can make a huge difference in converting views into sales. Again, the Listing Helper offers three options for an engaging and informative description for your product listing. More often than not, these descriptions serve as starters or building blocks, so to speak, for you to craft a description worthy of your specific item listing. These descriptions help to spark ideas and get the creative juices flowing again.

Click COPY DESCRIPTION to move any or all of the descriptions to your own document to “mix and match” and edit the description to fit with your style. You may find that you use a little bit from each of the three suggestions to create your perfect item description. Still not quite right? Update the short description of your product in the Listing Helper to be given three new options to review.

Tag Recommendations

Tags play a vital role in how Etsy categorizes and displays your products. eRank’s Listing Helper suggests relevant tags based upon your product and the latest trends, ensuring your items appear in the right searches. Keep in mind that the Listing Helper, which uses the same OpenAI as ChatGPT, is not a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert—at least not yet. For this reason, the tag recommendations include eRank’s statistical data from the Keyword Tool for each tag suggested, allowing you to more easily do your own SEO research.

Without leaving the Listing Helper, you are able to filter the displayed keywords, copy the entire list, export the list and data as a CSV (comma-separated values) file, and add keywords to a Keyword List by clicking the STAR icon beside the keyword. These tags are suggestions based upon what description that you initially entered and are meant to provide you with options to either use as a tag or spark an idea of other keywords to research for your item listing.

Screenshot of the Tag Suggestions from a Listing Helper submission
Listing Helper Tag Ideas

NOTE: For more information about Keyword Lists, see our recent blog article as well as the help article on the topic.

Benefits of Using eRank’s Listing Helper

Engaging titles and detailed descriptions attract more customers and encourage them to make a purchase, leading to higher conversion rates. eRank’s Listing Helper streamlines the process of listing optimization by providing creative suggestions to get the creativity flowing and saving you time in writing these important elements of your listing. The tag suggestions provide a great starting point for keyword research, again saving you valuable time.

eRank’s Listing Helper is an invaluable tool for Etsy sellers looking to enhance their product listings and boost their sales. By leveraging its features, you create optimized listings that attract more customers, increase visibility, and improve your overall Etsy shop performance. Whether you are a seasoned seller or just starting, eRank’s Listing Helper helps you to unlock the full potential of your Etsy business. Now get writing!  


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