Marketing Your Etsy Shop for Father’s Day

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Publication date: April 17th, 2023

Time to start marketing your Etsy shop for Father’s Day, folks! While Spring may be just getting underway for some, Etsy shopping for Father’s Day is about to get hot!

On the left, a line graph depicting 15 months of US search volume for the keyword “fathers day gifts” on Etsy. On the right, a pie chart showing the countries where we found shoppers using this search term. NOTE: All search-volume figures in this report are based on eRank’s best estimates.

Let’s look at Keyword Tool data from this period last year. We see searches for “fathers day gifts” began in April 2022 with 2,170 searches. (So, mark your calendars to start even earlier next year!) Then it soared in May to 213,000 searches!

And mind you, that is just one keyword related to Father’s Day shopping. Add another 75,880 for “fathers day gift” (singular). And we counted another 18 dad-related searches a year ago in May 2022’s Top 1000 shopper keywords. Search volume peaked in June (229,000) before dropping back down by end of July to 1,260. This means right now is the time to start your targeted marketing!

What’s targeted marketing?

Targeted marketing is researching to identify who your prospective customers are and what they want so you can focus your aim — and your marketing budget — on the specific shoppers most likely to purchase your product or service

First, identify the market you’re targeting. That is, who are the shoppers? And for whom are they buying? For Father’s Day, the gift recipients seem obvious. Dads, right? But actually, we need to include all the father figures in people’s lives. Grandfathers, stepfathers, uncles, godfathers, mentors. And since mothers are buying gifts on behalf of their children, best to include husbands, too.

Which means there is at least as broad a group who’s doing the shopping. All genders and all ages except the very young and very old. Having such a wide array of buyers to target is ideal for Etsy sellers. It means that more of us can get in on this selling opportunity! Here are some ways to market your items for Father’s Day purchases.

Gift guides

If you have a blog about your Etsy shop, create a gift guide. Begin with some keyword research in eRank. Then write a blog post about what’s trending in gift ideas for Dads. Feature some of your items that would be ideal gifts. Illustrate your post with your best product photos and videos.

If you don’t have your own marketing blog, no worries! Plenty of bloggers are eager for content. So, reach out to bloggers in your niche. Pitch collaborating on a gift guide. If you enjoy writing, offer to be a guest blogger. Then write them a Father’s Day gift guide featuring your products.

Email marketing

Are you among the savvy Etsy sellers who’ve built an email marketing list? You can use that much like a blog post to showcase a gift guide of your Dad-worthy items. Be sure to highlight personalization or custom options you offer. Both were in father’s day-related searches in last year’s Top 1000 Etsy Keywords. Close your email with best wishes for all the father figures and mentors out there. (And a reminder that there’s still time to get them a unique gift!)

Social media

Social media continues to be a powerful marketing tool. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and TikTok work well for sharing gift ideas and promoting products. Using them strategically can increase your shop’s visibility and attract new customers. Target your market with relevant hashtags. #FathersDay and all its variations, like #GiftsForDads. And then add your niche-specific tags.

Here are just a few of last May’s trending keywords used by Father’s Day shoppers on Etsy. Personalized gifts for dads; sports gifts for him; diy gift for dad; camping gifts; golf gifts; plant gifts for him. Then, keep an eye on Trend Buzz results to update hashtags with what starts trending in the next weeks.

Choose product images and video clips to target Father’s Day gift shoppers. Show a dad holding a personalized whisky glass or modeling a custom fishing vest. You want to prompt potential buyers to visualize their loved one using them. That helps sell.

Sales and promotions

Running a mid-May Father’s Day sale is another way to take advantage of this gift-buying event. By then a lot of people will be shopping for that special gift. A 15%-off sale on targeted items is one way to seal the deal. Or you could offer a special price on a Father’s Day bundle or gift box of related items. During the run-up to Father’s Day, consider complimentary gift wrapping, personalization, or free shipping on purchases over a certain amount.

Targeted marketing throughout the spring season helps boost sales and attract new customers. Let’s recap strategies to consider:

  • Identify your buyers and who they’re shopping for
  • Create and publish gift guides
  • Utilize email and social media marketing
  • Offer special promotions or discounts

We hope this helps you make the most of this seasonal opportunity for your Etsy shop! Next, we’ll have a companion article about graduation-gift shoppers. Meanwhile, check out our recent articles on Mother’s Day, weddings, and what shopper keywords are trending now,.


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