Research Where to Sell Online with eRank

Publication date: May 28, 2024

Reading time: 3 minutes

Thinking about selling your items on other platforms in addition to Etsy? Overwhelmed by the selection of different marketplaces? eRank is here to help. Read on to learn how to use Site Lists and Compare Sites to research different places to sell your items online. Save and monitor any marketplaces of interest to decide which are best for crafters in your niche.

Create Lists of Sites to Monitor

Access Site Lists under the SITES section in the main menu. Use this feature to keep an eye on relevant marketplaces by creating lists of sites to compare and monitor. Save these lists and check on them as often as you want. It is recommended to access each site’s traffic data periodically to see how it measures up to the others’ to helps you determine which site you should branch out to next. Displaying the Track Multiple Sites entry screen in eRank

Look up as many as ten relevant marketplaces at a time by typing them into the search field—separating each with a comma—and clicking the orange LOOK UP button. This takes you to Compare Sites, which lets you dive deep into the data and find the best places to sell your products online.

Compare Traffic Data from Different Sites

Compare Sites displays detailed traffic stats for the sites you entered. View which site has the highest and/or most stable historical ranking over the past 30 days. Perhaps try listing a few items on it and see what happens. Feeling cautious and want to do longer-term research instead? Check back on your list and assess the sites’ data periodically. Wait a few months or simply until one has “proven itself” to you to start listing. It’s up to you!

Use the Historical Rank section to view each marketplace’s site rank over a 90-day period. Choose the country that you would like to view data from using the dropdown menu at the top of this section.

Displaying the Historical Rank of Amazon and ebay's sites for the past 90 days in the Compare Sites tool on eRank

The Popularity Metrics section allow you to view where the most popular place to sell online is out of the marketplaces that you chose. Select the country that you would like to view data from by using the dropdown menu at the top of this section.

Displaying the Popularity Metrics comparing Amazon and ebay in the Compare Sites Tool on eRank

To discover out how shoppers found each marketplace, check out the Traffic Sources section. The bar chart shows how much traffic arrived to the site via various routes such as search engines, social media, display ads, referrals, and direct traffic. Displaying the Traffic Sources for Amazon and ebay in the Compare Sites Tools on eRank

Save Your List for Future Reference

Want to save the list that you’ve made? If you are a Pro or Expert eRank member, scroll up to the top of page and click SAVE AS to save the marketplaces you just searched to a list to reference anytime. If you make any changes to your list, click SAVE LIST to update your saved list. Come back and check each marketplace’s stats regularly as you continue researching different online selling platforms. Click NEW LIST to start a new query and create a new list. Finished researching? Use the dropdown menu to select the list you no longer need and click DELETE LIST. Displaying the option to either Delete List, New List, or Save As for the Compare Sites Tool on eRank

Find the Platform That Works Best for You

eRank makes it easy to compare the traffic data of multiple websites. Site Lists and Compare Sites allow you to access that data at any time with just a couple of clicks. With some time and patience, you’re sure to find a place to sell online that works best for your specific business.


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