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Ever gotten writer’s block? Just could not come up with a title for your new listing? Or struggled with what else to add to a description? Lacked the bandwidth to think up yet another set of tags? We all get that from time to time! If you do too, then this new eRank tool is for you: AI Listing Helper, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). We created it to help speed up your listing, title, and description writing. It can give you a headstart on your tag-building process, too.


For those times when your mind just goes blank, yet you need to come up with something to describe a new product. Let AI Listing Helper come to the rescue. For composing new titles, descriptions, and tags, often all you really need to get your writing mind to engage are suggestions. AI Listing Helper generates “starters.” Use them to get your brain in gear, to speed up the process so that you can spend more time making and less time researching.

How to use

Enter a short phrase that describes your product. Then, select your preferred language using the dropdown menu on the right.

Click the “+” next to “Advanced options” below if you wish to set guidelines for the titles, descriptions, and tags.

Then, click the orange “Submit” button.

In seconds, you’ll start to see ideas generated by eRank + OpenAI (the same software behind ChatGPT).

Here’s a sample response:

Like any of the options? Just click any “Copy” button to copy that suggestion to your clipboard From there, you can paste it into the draft of your Etsy listing. If you’d like, you can export the tag ideas into Excel using the orange “Export as CSV” button in the blue bar above the tag list.

Next, you’ll want to edit AI Listing Helper’s ideas for your title and description. Do this to ensure the AI ideas you use suit your unique voice. Also, review them for SEO. Will they help your listing be found in search?

Most importantly, follow Etsy best practices. The first five or so words in your title should include what your product is. Because shoppers may only see those words unless they click, make them count. Don’t start your title with “Accessories for men lightweight unique.” First, tell shoppers it’s a hat.

A word about the tags

You will likely notice some unusual, seemingly-random tags in your results. This is because OpenAI was not trained in the art of Etsy SEO. Do not expect any tag idea to be useable as-is. In fact, many of them you should just ignore.

What AI Listing Helper does not do

OpenAI is not an SEO expert. You will still need to research its suggestions and apply common sense. Think of it a bit like a plane’s autopilot. It helps you get from A to B, but you want a human to oversee the landing.

Who can use this?

This tool is available to all eRank members. However, please note that some features are only visible to Basic members, Pro members, and Expert members.