2023 Etsy Buying Habits Summary

Publication date: October 19, 2023

Reading time:  3 minutes

eRank’s 2023 Etsy Buying Habits Survey provides valuable insights into the shopping behaviors of Etsy customers in the United States. The survey, conducted each fall, gathers responses from approximately 1,000 people across different age groups and regions. Here are the key findings:

  1. Quality Matters: Buyers consider listing photos and product descriptions to be very important when making a purchase. These elements also contribute to a shop’s trustworthiness.
  2. Communication is Key: Shoppers appreciate communication at various stages of the purchase process, including order receipt, shipment, delay notifications, and arrival updates.
  3. Product Reviews Influence: Product reviews significantly influence purchasing decisions, with over 90% of respondents considering them important. Sellers should encourage buyers to leave reviews.
  4. Average Star Rating: Buyers pay attention to a shop’s average star rating, and lower ratings negatively impact their likelihood to purchase from that shop.
  5. Processing Times Matter: Processing time for an item is a factor in the decision to purchase. Etsy shoppers are willing to wait longer for unique items compared to other online retailers.
  6. Free Shipping Preferred: Free shipping is still a preferred option for most Etsy shoppers and can influence repeat business.
  7. No-Hassle Returns: A return policy is considered important, even though many Etsy items are custom-made. Sellers may wish to consider offering returns, when possible.
  8. Personal Touch: Shoppers appreciate an “About Us” section in Etsy shops, which enhances trustworthiness.
  9. Global Shopping: Many shoppers are open to buying from non-U.S. Etsy shops but have concerns about shipping costs and delivery times.
  10. Etsy for Gifts: Etsy is highly regarded for gift shopping, and shoppers have confidence in the platform.

In general, Etsy shoppers value clear product listings, effective communication, and a positive shopping experience. Sellers are encouraged to focus on product listings, communicate effectively, provide excellent customer service, minimize wait times, offer free shipping where possible, consider return policies, share their stories, and trust the Etsy platform. These actions can help attract new customers, encourage repeat business, and boost sales during the holiday season and beyond. This year’s survey results reflect the ongoing trust in Etsy as a shopping platform, with no significant shifts in buying habits compared to previous years.

You can view the full 2023 Etsy Buying Habits Report HERE.