Listings Dates

Listings Dates

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Quick Summary

This report shows the date on which each of your listings was originally created, last updated, and when it is due to expire or be auto-renewed.


Wondering when your listings are due to expire? Want extra time to work on updating them? Use the Dates report to sort and find them well in advance of their expiration date. Want to check on older listings and perhaps update their search terms or titles? eRank has you covered! Now you have the ability to sort by your listings’ creation dates, last-updated, and expiration dates. And exporting your sorted data is easily done, allowing you to work on changes in whatever way is most convenient for you.

How to Use

Find this report under Listings > Dates on the top main menu.

Easily check to see when your eRank data was last captured. Simply click the orange Refresh Data button next to the Last updated field to ensure you are working with your most current statistics.

Use the Filter text box to filter the Listing Title column and see only listings with that text in them. When you are finished working with that data, clear the Filter text box to once again see all of your listings.

Sorting your data is also easy. Simply click the column headings. Click once to sort all listings by that column; click again to reverse the sorting order. To see what the current sort is, look for the purple caret beside a column heading (one of the little grey “up” / “down” arrows will turn purple).

Not sure what data is included in that column? Simply hover over the “?” tooltip icon for a explanation of what data will be found there.

You can also click on the buttons beneath any listing’s title to further analyze or refine the listing. Along with Listing Audit and Edit On Etsy options, depending on the listing’s status you may also see options to Track Changes, Show Changes, or Stop Tracking.

Who Can Use This?

This feature is available to all eRank members.