Digital Marketing Tools For Etsy Sellers

Most Etsy sellers know there’s a lot more to being successful than just making products and listing them in your store. Careful planning and research goes into everything we do. With so many tools and platforms available today, it’s hard to choose. To find things that work for you and your shop. So that you can be a more effective seller and get your products noticed.

In this article, we’ll look at some tools and platforms that can help you be a more effective and profitable Etsy seller.


Trello is a productivity tool that allows you to create boards where you can organize your thoughts. Unlike traditional to-do lists where you simply create a checklist of tasks, Trello lets you create lists within your boards and add cards to each list. Each of the cards can represent whatever you want and provides you the ability to take notes within that card and upload other documents.

For example, if you created a board for your Etsy shop, perhaps you would create lists for marketing, product ideas, and miscellaneous task, then you could add appropriate tasks to each of these lists.

Why We Like It: Trello is a unique take on productivity and task tracking with its board and card system. It’s easy to add ideas to a list and upload any supporting images or documents.

Where to get started:, iOS and Android.


Do you need to create graphics for your Etsy marketing plan but don’t have the experience needed to use a traditional suite of graphics tools? Canva is full of prebuilt templates for social media posts, presentations, videos and more. It also provides you the tools to create from scratch.

Canva is available as a free version with some limitations such as no ability to upload your logo, and limited output options for using your designs. The pro version also features and extensive set of brand tools and stock images you can implement into your design. For more information on what each plan offers, head over to their pricing page.

Why we like it: Canva provides users with little or no design experience a place to create assets for their business. Tools like photoshop and Illustrator require quite a bit more training, and can often be overwhelming for new users.

Where to get started:, iOS and Android.


While it requires a little creativity, you can start an email list for your Etsy shop. Email lists can be a great way to send updates to your customers all at once. Have a new product line coming out? Send an email. Running a 2-day sale? Send an email. But sending an email to a large list of people requires a little more than just opening Gmail and hitting send.

Mailchimp enables you to create signup forms, build email templates, and send emails to your customers while making sure you are doing everything required to legally operate an email marketing list.

Why we like it: Building mailing lists and creating email campaigns couldn’t be easier, plus the free version gives you plenty of list size to learn if this tool is right for you.

Where to get started:


We may be a little biased here, but if you are looking to level up your Etsy selling experience, then this tool is worth a look.
eRank is an ever-expanding suite of tools to help you optimize your Etsy shop and listings.

Whether you just started your Etsy shop, or you’ve been selling for years, eRank can help you better understand your customers and how they found your products.

eRank has tools for researching the best keywords for your products, constant Etsy trend data, tools for auditing and optimizing your listings, and so much more. We’ve also recently integrated the power of Google Analytics to show you what keywords are driving traffic to your listings.

Why We Like It: eRank is a great addition to any Etsy seller looking to grow their business based on making data-driven decisions.

Where to get started:

Google Analytics

As the name suggests, Google Analytics is a suite of web-based analytics tools to track data related to your website. Once you have a Google Analytics account set up, and the tracking code implemented in your Etsy shop you will be able to gather anonymous data on the habits of visitors to your Etsy shop.

You will be able to see data like average time on site, Where the visitors are located geographically, where traffic is coming from, and more. And if you find all the available data intimidating don’t worry. eRank has recently integrated Google Analytics into our platform to serve up this data that is most meaningful to Etsy sellers.

Why we like it: While it can be intimidating to wade into, this tool has incredible power for observing the surfing and buying habits of your customers. Pair it with eRank and you have a great tool for optimizing your shop.

Where to get started:

Google Trends

Google Trends gives you the ability to enter a search term and see how that term’s popularity has changed over time as well as providing you with related search terms and other relevant data. This can be a powerful research tool when deciding on the viability of new products as well as seeing what’s trending on Google.

Why we like it: While eRank is great for providing insight into the Etsy ecosystem, Google Trends can give you an overall view of what is trending in general. This can be helpful for planning on what to sell or what to target with your marketing.

Where to get started:


CapCut is video editing software with a suite of tools to allow you to quickly cut together videos on your phone or computer. With video getting more popular all the time, it’s important to have an easy way to build videos for your digital marketing and social media campaigns. CapCut is a free and easy way to get started using just your phone.

Why we like it: The built-in method for building Instagram Reels can be clunky and challenging. CapCut is a great alternative with all the tools you need to edit video on your phone.

Where to get started: – Available on PC, Android and iOS


Printful is a print-on-demand service that directly integrates with Etsy. This can be used to sell your designs on T-Shirts and various other products directly through your Etsy shop. One way to leverage this as a marketing tool is to provide products branded with your logo through your Etsy shop. The huge benefit here is that you don’t need to carry an inventory of these products or pay to produce them and hope they sell. This gives you the flexibility to try new designs and see what works.

Why we like it: Thanks to its direct integration with Etsy, this tool makes it super easy to offer branded merchandise right in your Etsy shop without the need to ship or carry inventory of those items.

Where to get started:

Time To Get Started

This list is just a few of the tools available to help you market your business. Like with most things, there are multiple ways to do a task. Some tools may work better than others depending on your goals and workstyle. Hopefully, this list will inspire you to try new things and maybe help make your business life a little bit easier.