Top Keywords on Etsy in April 2021

Top Keywords on Etsy in April 2021

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Wondering what to sell on Etsy? How to get more sales? Here at eRank, we’re back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO and tags. We’ll show you the most popular Etsy customer searches. And then we’ll analyze what these trending keywords tell us about what’s selling best on Etsy now – and what’s not.

Top Etsy Searches April 2021

1.      mothers day gift
2.      personalized gifts for mom
3.      necklace
4.     gift box for women
5.     home decor
6.     womens clothing
7.     rings
8.     plants
9.     mothers day 
10.    earrings
11.     crystals
12.    personalized gifts
13.    mother in law gift
14.    dog mom
15.    animal crossing
16.    moldavite
17.    stickers
18.    graduation gift
19.    candles
20.   tarot deck

* As always, consult the USPTO for trademarked terms

Anyone notice what’s missing from our Top 20 Etsy searches this month? Any mention of mask, for the first time in a year. That’s a milestone worth celebrating. Even though it’s a blow to many of our stalwart mask makers. Those of you who answered the call for handmade masks a year ago, we salute you!

What stands out most to us about this Top 20 is how back to normal it is. Wonderfully so. Two entries for personalized gifts. Five searches related to Mother’s Day. Three for Jewelry (five if we count crystals and moldavite.) Six with the word gift. One for home decor.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, we love how dog moms are now included. This is new!

Line graph showing search volume of the keyword "dog moms" in 2020 and so far in 2021.

Compared with April 2020, that’s an increase in search volume of 882%! And ranking #31 with 62,414 searches, we also have plant mom gift. Altogether in our April Top 1000 searches, there were 11 searches with the word mom, and 22 with mother. Let’s hear it for all the Moms! After this past year, you all deserve gifts. Of course as do all Dads. In April (take note!) there were already two searches for fathers day gift making the Top 100 in categories. Fathers day gift ranked 17th in Clothing, and 39th in Home and Living. And speaking of gifts …

What to sell on Etsy: keyword searches for gifts

Altogether in the Top 1000 there were 71 searches containing the word gift. Up from 53 in March. And way up from 42 back in April 2020! A healthy 69% increase Year on Year (YoY). Given that Etsy promotes itself as a destination for gift shopping, this is a very good sign for those of us whose wares are giftable.

In the Top 100, there were 23 searches with the word gift. Two with gift box; one each for graduation gift; gardening gift; cooking gift; best friend gift; and birthday gift for her. And four were wedding related.

What to sell on Etsy: wedding-related keywords

We counted 37 wedding-related searches among the April 2021 Top 1000. Tis the season. In fact, every keyword containing party? All were for bachelorette parties. Bachelorette party favors, games, shirts, decorations.

What to sell on Etsy: pet-related searches

We know lots of you list items that have to do with pets. And frankly, we love having a look just for fun. A few searches we got a kick out of in April: pet wedding ranked #30 in the Pets category. Ranking #97 in Pets, potato pet. And dare we ask: what the heck is a chicken saddle?

Slider of the Month: svg

Line graph showing search volume of the keyword "svg" in 2020 and so far in 2021.

This is not a sudden dip, as you can see. But was the climb we see in blue here that occurred back in March, April, and May 2020 an aberration? Was it possibly pandemic-related?

For some numbers: search volume in April 2020 for the keyword svg stood at 213,557. In April 2021? 40,811 searches, a decrease of 80.8%. We’ll be keeping on eye on this one for you.

Climber of the Month: plants

Line graph showing search volume of the keyword "plants" in 2020 and so far in 2021.

Does that 2021 line (the red one) look unremarkable? Well then, consider this. In April 2020’s Top 1000 Keywords, there were five searches with the word plant.

Plant-related keywords and rank in April 2020

  • #69 plants
  • #271 hanging planter
  • #286 plant
  • #499 live plants
  • #924 succulent plants

And in April 2021? There were 19 plant-related searches, with the first of them soaring all the way up into the Top 20 Keywords with our 8th place winner, plants. I wonder what’s up with that? Any theories?

Let’s talk about it!

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