Top Keywords on Etsy October 2020

Top Keywords on Etsy October 2020

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Ever wonder what the most popular search terms on Etsy are right now? Here at eRank, we’re back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO and tags. We’ll show you the most popular Etsy searches, and analyze what these trending keywords tell us about what sells best on Etsy now.

Top Etsy Searches October 2020

1.        personalized gifts
2.        face mask
3.        wall decor
4.        craft kits
5.        self care
6.        gift
7.        outdoor
8.        among us
9.        stickers
10.     halloween
11.     halloween decor
12.     earrings
13.     mask
14.     harry potter
15.     rings
16.     candles
17.     harry styles
18.     christmas
19.     crystals
20.     masks
* As always, consult the USPTO for trademarked terms

Just like last month, what is most notable about October’s Top 20 Searches is how little change there’s been, month on month. This is unusual. We data geeks here at eRank have our theories as to why (and we’d love to hear yours). For now though, let’s consider the two keywords that are new to the Top 20. Ranking at #6, we have gift. Given that our other newcomer to the Top 20 is christmas, could it be that folks are starting their Christmas gift shopping? Yes they are, and they’ve even left it a bit late, considering how much trouble shipping carriers have been having in keeping up with the unprecedented volume of mail. Add holiday mail to that and ouch!

There is one more keyword in October’s Top 20 which wasn’t in September’s, but it isn’t new at all: it’s crystals, and it ranked 18th in August’s Top 20, and has been on our radar here since March when it began its climb and its solid showing in the Top 1000 since.

As we can see here in red on our Search Trend line graph, it took a bit of a dip in May and again in September (enough to kick it out of the Top 1000 that month), but overall, crystals as a keyword is definitely on a run and we predict that run will continue as long as the pandemic is worrying. Why? Because people are purchasing these as talismans and protective stones for themselves and their loved ones. You supply sellers have no doubt already noticed increased demand, but for you handmakers, if you can figure out a way to incorporate crystals into your work, we expect the trend to hold as gift items at least through the holidays.

October 2020 Climbers

Not the highest ranked (#281) but making up for that in awesomeness is sea glass christmas tree. It also appears as seaglass christmas tree down at #346, and both keywords are in the Top 100 in Etsy’s Home and Living category. Google them: they’re enchanting.

Advent calendar is hot again this year, as it was this time last year. It’s Number 3 in Paper and Party Supplies and ranks in our Top 1000 at #180, and as a plural, advent calendars, ranking #20 in Paper and at #568 in the Top 1000.

(Tip: it’s always wise to double check for keyword variations like sea glass and seaglass, and advent calendar singular and plural. While Etsy says it shouldn’t matter to its search algorithms, we find that in some instances it does, so especially with those “superstar” keywords that you want to gain authority for, it’s worth checking.)

And speaking of tips, something to think about: personalized as a keyword is still super hot; it appears 14 times in our October Top 1000. We noticed that there were 1,041 searches last year in November for personalized advent calendar, so: worth further research?

Climber of the Month

That has to go to mask chain.

Good gravy, get a load of that Click Through Rate: 120%! And over on the Search Trend line chart, you can see it’s brand new as a keyword, just beginning to chart in July 2020 and then from August it has taken off like a rocket. Currently, it’s at 17,547 searches for October.

Given that face mask, mask, and masks took three slots in our Top 20 roster, we shouldn’t be surprised. Mask chains are the hot new mask accessory. Same idea as eyeglass chains – a way to keep your mask handy rather than just unhygienically stuffing it in a pocket as so many do with their cloth masks. Any of you jewelry makers should certainly be able to enter the fray with materials you already have on hand. That 32,392 Competition rate won’t stay under 50,000 for long.

October 2020 Slider of the Month

Speaking of jewelry, how far has the mighty fallen! Here is statement necklace:

It’s had a great run for several years, but we’ve been watching it as it began to show signs back in 2019 of losing its pizzazz. And look at the red line on the Search Trend graph: that’s 2020. There’s no doubt. For now at least, that trend is done.

October 2020 Keyword of the Month

Has to be the curious case of chunky. Here, for example, is chunky rings. As you can see, where there would be a blue line on the Search Trend line chart, there is almost nothing at all for all of 2019 (just that one dot in November of 500 searches). And then in 2020, that red line peaks at 7,964 searches in October. And the average Click Through Rate for 2020? A very worthy 56%.

In fact, we noticed that several things chunky made October’s Top 1000: along with chunky rings, there was  chunky knit blanket: 

With wow: a 96% Click Through Rate! And for October 2020, there were 20,264 searches; year-on-year, that’s an increase of 189.7%. And in the Top 1000, there was also an entry for chunky blanket, and one for chunky yarn. Look at chunky yarn! 9,536 searches in October. And a 112% Click Through Rate!

Huh! Interesting, right? What’s with chunky? Love to hear your theories – join us on Facebook!

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