Top Keywords on Etsy August 2020

Top Keywords on Etsy August 2020

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Ever wonder what the most popular search terms on Etsy are right now? Here at eRank, we’re back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO and tags. We’ll show you the most popular Etsy searches, and analyze what these trending keywords tell us about what sells best on Etsy now.

Top Etsy Searches August 2020

1.        face mask
2.        wall decor
3.        personalized gifts
4.        outdoor
5.        craft kits
6.        self care
7.        stickers
8.        mask
9.        masks
10.     face masks
11.     earrings
12.     harry styles
13.     wall art
14.     halloween
15.     candles
16.     tapestry
17.     face mask with nose wire
18.     crystals
19.     plants
20.     resin molds
* As always, consult the USPTO for trademarked terms

August 2020 Climbers

We data geeks here at eRank are curious about why a particular trend hot on Pinterest might spread from there to Etsy. Case in point: aesthetic. There were many aesthetic mentions in August’s Pinterest Trend Buzz: three in the Pinterest Top 20 Searches, and 14 altogether in the Top 100. Here on Etsy, Keyword Explorer shows this for aesthetic room decor (the red line is 2020).

Altogether for August 2020’s Top 1000 Etsy Searches, aesthetic featured in four searches: aesthetic room decor, aesthetic, aesthetic clothing, and room decor aesthetic. Aesthetic clothing had a Year-on-Year increase in search volume of 309.8%! A style trend to watch? Certainly a keyword to watch.

Speaking of style trends we’re keeping on eye on for you: We began reporting on cottagecore five months ago. It continued to hold sway in the Top 1000 in August with 25,638 searches.

And look below at that Click Through Rate (CTR) for cottagecore clothing: 95%! And quite low Etsy Competition, too, at 3,010.

That said, we don’t see signs of cottagecore really taking hold. While cottagecore decor gets one mention in Pinterest’s Top 100, on Etsy cottagecore decor plunged down and out of August Top 1000, from July’s 6,271 searches to 126 searches.

But know what other “core” we spotted this month? Kidcore.

Kidcore ranked in Etsy’s Top 1000 Searches for the first time in August, with 10,482 searches. (A year ago, it had 598 searches.) And it is also under the aesthetic umbrella, so to speak. According to its fandom on wiki, kidcore’s motifs include images of indoor playgrounds and rainbows; stuffed animals, especially Beanie Babies and robot pets like Furbys; Lisa Frank artwork; and other kiddie themes in the bright and neon colors used on children’s toys. Trends in those too might be worth a lookup for you vintage sellers and makers of wall art and room decor.

Another notable climber was crystals, up from three mentions in July to seven entries in August. And it’s twice as high on Amazon! Here are the other magical sparklies in Etsy’s Top 1000: crystal necklace, crystal, bulk crystals, crystal ring, crystal ball, and healing crystals.

To no one’s surprise, the US Presidential election is trending. Five election-related searches made August’s Top 1000, beginning with #154: vote.

Vote as a keyword strikes us as exceptionally versatile, especially for you makers. Look at the top Related Searches in Keyword Explorer:

Vote has a CTR of 105%! And so far, most of these related searches (vote necklace, vote shirt, vote face mask, vote mask; there were lots more) have reasonably low Competition. Anyone who can, jump!

Here is a random assortment of other hot keywords we spotted in the August data: cute svg; personalized childrens books; skirts; craft kits; abstract canvas art; vintage decor; wall decor; tapestry wall hanging; neon sign.

Spike of the month goes to: snake ring, which reared up in a single month 982.7%.

August 2020 Slider

In a word: leather! Given its steady trajectory upward in 2019 that began in August with 14 mentions of leather this and leather that, a trend that held through September last year, we assumed that leather is a Fall thing. Not this year! Here is leather bags, year on year:

Remember, the red line is 2020. A year ago, all things leather climbed even higher in September, so we’ll check in on leather again next month to see what’s up. Or not.

Keyword of the Month

As we predicted in our Etsy SEO for Halloween & Thanksgiving report, Halloween as a keyword begins appearing in August, and indeed this year that holds true: there were nine Halloween-related searches in August’s Top 1000, including our Keyword of the Month: halloween advent calendar. Google them: they’re magical!

And we’ll close with this, an update on July’s Keyword of the Month, bearded dragon hammock. We were delighted to discover that in August, pet furniture spiked to rank #12 in Pet Supplies. Maybe folks decided other pets besides bearded dragons deserved some of that love in the form of furniture: in the span of one month, searches for pet furniture were up 1741.5%! We at eRank are happy for all of them.

See you back here in about 30 days. Meanwhile, let’s talk about it – join us on Facebook!

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