Top Keywords on Etsy January 2021

Top Keywords on Etsy January 2021

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Ever wonder what the most popular search terms on Etsy are right now? Here at eRank, we’re back again to take the guesswork out of your Etsy SEO and tags. We’ll show you the most popular Etsy searches, and analyze what these trending keywords tell us about what sells best on Etsy now.

Top Etsy Searches January 2021

1.      gift for him
2.      personalized gifts
3.      valentines day gift for him
4.      gift for her
5.      engagement rings
6.      necklaces
7.      stickers
8.      rings
9.      pet supplies
10.    face mask
11.    earrings
12.    planner
13.    candles
14.    wall decor
15.    crystals
16.    best friend gifts
17.    wreath
18.    self gift
19.    jewelry
20.    mask

* As always, consult the USPTO for trademarked terms

Not a surprise to see a Valentine’s Day-related search in January’s Top 20. What did surprise us was not seeing any others! In fact, it’s the only one in all of January’s Top 1000 searches. When we look back to January a year ago, there were five searches related to Valentine’s Day just in the Top 20, and altogether there were 19 in the Top 1000. Hmmm: is it procrastination, or is it that weird pandemic time distortion lots of people are reporting? Because uh-oh, when you couple losing track of time with how delayed shipping carriers still are, there could well be a lot of frantic last-minute gift shoppers: get ready!

Keyword of the Month

We’re just going to call it now: January 2021’s Keyword of the Month has to be self gift. It ranks #18 in our Top 20 with 84,717 searches. It did not even crack the Top 1000 last month. In fact, it wasn’t even a blip.

But self care had been ranking well, especially on Etsy. Here’s market share data, with Etsy in orange on the Market Trends line graph:

Next, we have a summary of Etsy search data and on the right, in blue, is self care‘s search trend data for all of 2020; that red dot is January 2021.

At its peak back in October self care had 189,070 searches. It’s down now. As the pop-up shows, not as low as it was back in January 2020 before the pandemic, but it didn’t even crack January’s 2021 Top 1000 with only 26,880 searches, an 85.8 percent decrease. So those of you using self care as a tag should probably keep an eye on that one.

Have we gone from self care to self gifting? Why not both?

January 2021 Climbers

Along with self gift, bedding is big. It ranked #169 in December (and didn’t even make the Top 1000 back in January 2020). But in 22nd place, bedding just missed being in our Top 20 with 78,888 searches, way up from December’s 31,668, which in turn represented a huge climb when you look at the past two years (2020 is in red below):

And since then, bedding’s search volume has more than doubled in just a month. Moving to eRank’s Keyword Tool now, on the Search Trend graph for the US below on the left, look at that orange line soar!

Of course Bernie, his mittens, and his svg’s are all in January’s Top 1000. See those blue bars in the Search Trend column below? Those are for January 2021, and they are spiking! But before you jump, do your due diligence in the US Patent and Trademark database.

And what the heck is up with mushroom these days? Here is Jan-Dec for the past two years, with 2020 in red:

We see there that mushroom was down a bit in December from November’s peak, but then (below) it soared in January to 30,397 Etsy shopper searches, besting even November’s numbers.

There were three mushroom-related searches that made January’s Top 1000: mushroom, mushroom earrings, and mushroom ring.

You know what else is up? Hippie and hippie decor. Both are in our Top 1000. Looking back, in January 2019 there were 603 searches for hippie. Then in January 2020, there were more: 1,032. But in January 2021, there were 12,097 Etsy searches. That’s a groovy 1,072% increase over last year. Hippie made the Top 100 in the Jewelry category, too.

But the big story might be this one:

After looking pretty dismal right through to December 2020, all of a sudden it shot up. And what search is this? Engagement rings. There were 2,397 searches back in November 2019. From there it sank to 875 searches in January 2020. In January 2021? There were 158,503. Year on Year, that represents an increase of 18,014.6%. Now, that’s romantic.

We noticed too that rings in general appear to be up this month. Here are the top Related Searches for rings:

With the exception of birthstone rings, they are all looking pretty solid with some quite inviting CTRs (click through rates). In our January 2021 Top 1000, there were 19 searches containing the word “rings,” up from 13 searches that made the Top 1000 a year ago.

We do hope though that seeing engagement rings in our Top 5 might mean all things wedding will follow: it’s been a rough bunch of months for those of you in the wedding industry. Here are current stats for some wedding-related searches:

While at first glance wedding gifts may look discouraging, that blue bar in the Search Trend graph represents 27,780 searches in January, a 172.193% increase year-on-year. And look at wedding decor! That’s well up.

When we peruse the Trend Buzz report for the Weddings category, look what’s in first place right now:

Wreath! Check out that Trend Graph: now that is a climber! Wow, right!? 88,411 searches in January. Year-on-year, that was a 575% increase in Etsy shopper search volume. And again we can see here: that little red-flame icon tells us that wedding gifts is hot (along with bridesmaid proposal). We data geeks here at eRank have our fingers crossed for you guys.

Spike of the Month

You know what else is on fire? Pet gifts! There were 4,178 searches for pet gifts in back in December. In January, search volume soared to 35,805: a 757% increase in just one month! And pet supplies actually made our Top 10! That’s certainly a first! Could folks in the US be showering their January federal stimulus largess on their pets? Let’s talk about it!

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