Creating a Visually Appealing Etsy Shop

Publication date: May 12th. 2023

Reading time: 3 minutes

To stand out and draw in customers, a visually-appealing Etsy shop is vital. Its appearance plays a crucial role in enticing shoppers to explore your products. And how consistent it is with your brand is also key. Here are five tips to help you create an inviting shop.

First, put together a brand kit!

Using a brand kit helps you maintain a consistent look throughout your shop. Include your logo, colors, typefaces, design and style choices. Collect all the visual elements that make up your shop’s look and mood.

A brand kit provides quick access to the important visual elements of your brand. It’s handy too when you’re designing off-Etsy marketing, and for choosing “brand assets.” Those are things like your packaging, gift wrap, business cards. An easy way to compile a brand kit – even without graphic design experience – is to use a tool like Canva.

Have a shop banner

Whether it’s an Etsy cover photo or the smaller-sized shop banner, take advantage of the option! Then, when customers arrive on your shop’s landing page, they will see your shop banner first. It’s a perfect way to make a memorable and appealing first impression! Use your banner to showcase your brand’s style and purpose. Visually convey to buyers what they can expect from your shop.

Use your brand colors

This establishes a cohesive look and feel throughout your shop. Use your brand colors in your shop banner, icon, profile pic. And as much as you can, in your thumbnail product photos.

Prioritize high-quality product photos

Speaking of thumbnail product photos! (You know: the first photo that shows in your listing and in Etsy search results. Those are called thumbnails.) These serve as a shopper’s first introduction to your product.

A consistent look across all your photos contributes to consistent branding. But it’s especially important for product thumbnail photos. The other nine of your ten listing photos will offer you some flexibility in style.

Establish a common thread

That said, achieving a common thread through all your photos helps level up your branding. But sometimes, it’s just not possible to achieve that common thread through color. So, here are some other ways to establish a cohesive effect in your product photos, listing videos and Explore reels.

  • Use the same props where possible
  • Use the same background or surface
  • Consistent lighting and the mood it conveys
  • Composition: ways you position the product in the shot and camera angles you use
  • Repeat one of your 10 listing photos in every listing (ex: one showing your packaging)

Cohesiveness is the key!

Once you have your common threads, carry them through to your packaging and marketing materials. Cohesiveness is the key! With a visually-cohesive brand identity, your Etsy shop and business will look polished and professional. And a polished, professional look inspires trust in shoppers to make purchases.


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