How to Improve Your Etsy Shop: Visibility Scores

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Wondering how to improve your Etsy shop? Improve your Etsy sales? You probably know the answer has to do with improving your Etsy SEO. That is, your “Search Engine Optimization.” How to make your Etsy listings easier for search engines to find. Are you wondering where to start?

With Visibility Scores Part One! There we covered what eRank Visibility Scores are, and how they help your Etsy SEO. (So you probably want to read that first.)

My name is Pam Duthie. I’m a veteran Etsy shop owner and an Etsy coach. This week, I’ll explain how you can use this metric to improve your Etsy shop.

How to improve your Etsy shop using eRank Visibility Scores

Visibility scores are perfect for spotting which of your Etsy shop listings are outliers. By that I mean, listings that are performing differently than others in your shop.

Tip! You can sort your eRank Active Listings report by Visibility Score. Just click its column header to see the highest scores first. Clicking it again will reverse the order, and you will see the lowest first.

Here’s an example. Let’s say most of the listings in your shop have a Visibility Score around 50%. And you spot a listing with a score above 60%. Therefore we can say this listing is performing better than is typical for your shop.

Next, off to your Etsy shop

Next, you’d want to analyze this listing in your Etsy shop. Have a good close look. Pinpoint what is different about it.

You can get to that listing right from your Active Listings report. Just click on the blue “Edit on Etsy” button. It’s nested beneath the listing’s title.

eRank report showing four Etsy listings and highlighting where the Visibility Score is, and shortcut to edit the listing on Etsy

Is it your product photography on this listing? For instance, is the thumbnail more of a close-up than your usual? Or on a white background? Does it have props? A live model? Does it have a video?

Or is it the keywords? Was your keyword research more recent on this listing? Did you target a different market?

Next, off to your Etsy stats

In your Etsy stats, look for where this listing’s visits are coming from. Are they from particular keywords in Etsy search?

To get there, go to your Etsy dashboard and click the stats icon on the left side menu. To see which search terms are working, scroll down to the section, “How shoppers found you.” And to see a detailed drill down, click:

1) Etsy app & other Etsy pages

2) Etsy search

screenshot showing where to find the Etsy shop stats, with stats on how shoppers found you. What visits come from the Etsy app, or Etsy search, and from social media traffic

Are your visits coming from social media? For details, click that menu item (blue arrow, above). You will see which are bringing traffic to your Etsy shop and listings. By changing the dates in the drop-down menu you can view a wide range of useful data.

Screenshot showing a breakdown of which social media sites are bringing traffic to your Etsy shop

Some types of photography are just way more appealing on the visual sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Do these seem to be the source of your visits? Then more like this listing’s thumbnail might be something to trial. See if you can replicate this result on new listings. Or on your listings with the lowest Visibility Scores and sales.

Important! Always keep in mind eRank’s Prime Directive: Never change a listing that is selling well!

This guidance also applies to any listing with a Visibility Score that is above average for your shop. You do not want to change those.

With one exception. A listing that has both higher views and fewer sales compared with other listings in your shop. Now, that is a listing you could consider tweaking. Especially if you can identify causes. Otherwise, leave well-performing listings alone.

Back to eRank next to do a Listing Audit

If a listing has an atypically low Visibility Score, look to see if it has any SEO tips.

Screenshot of author's eRank report, highlighting where to find SEO tips

This indicates there might be something worth investigating in a Listing Audit. (You’ll find that report under Listings on the Main Menu. Or just click the orange “Listing Audit” button on the Active Listing report.) Based on the tips you find in the Listing Audit, decide if there are changes worth trying.

Finally: be sure to track your changes

A month or so before you make any changes to a listing, switch on eRank’s Track Changes feature. Doing so gives this tool adequate time to gather meaningful data. After three or four weeks, then make your changes.

And keep Track Changes running! This unique eRank feature takes a snapshot of your listing once a day. On the report, you can see a number of vital metrics at a glance. Is your listing getting more views or fewer? Track Changes also preserves what title, tags, and price your listing had before you made the change. That way, in case a change has a negative impact, you can restore what worked.

Below, I’ll link to a blog post on how to use the Track Changes tool. And a list of other resources showing you how to improve your Etsy shop, Etsy SEO, and Etsy sales!

If you have any questions, we do live Q&As right in our eRank Facebook group weekly. Feel free to join us!

Pam Duthie

Etsy Shop Owner and Etsy Coach

Photo of author Pam Duthie, Etsy Shop Owner and Etsy Coach


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